GAIA is Greek and means Earth including all Life on Earth

The vision of GAIA is a peaceful, just, inclusive and open-minded society, in which respect, mindfulness, appreciation and on eye level between people, independent of their background, is normality in all levels of communal life.

We work in the areas of:

  • Workshops in which we  activate and strengthen constructive potential and talents, for the individual and collective well being and benefit of the  participants, their community and society
  • Open spaces in which people meet and grow in mutual respect, love and  appreciation on eye level
  • The support for people who need and want help in difficult life situations

art by Mirlande Jean Gilles

art by Mirlande Jean Gilles


The unfolding of our potential

“Be the change you want to see in the world” (Mahatma Gandhi)

Changes within a society always start in small, in ourselves. If we as individuals practise the values we long to see activated in our societies, these values can create lasting progressive change.

GAIA connects people through our project, who empower each other on various levels:

  • in strengthening self confidence
  • the openness to unfold latent potential
  • in the courage for new beginnings
  • in the desire to create innovative solutions

for the benefit of the local communities and societies we live in.


Open spaces for appreciation and mindful encounter

Gaia creates spaces, in which people encounter each other on eye level,  mutual respect and appreciation. Every culture has something enriching to contribute to a society. Through open mindedness and  intercultural exchange we  grow. In intercultural projects, dialogues and activities, people within a community come closer, barriers and separation dissolve and through open minds and hearts, new forms of cohabitation and cooperation emerge.


Assistance and Support

People who left their home country and must manage a new beginning in a strange and unknown environment,

Women and mothers who live, without a social network, in an environment in which they are not familiar with its language and culture

Young people who need guidance and empowerment in the face of Self-discovery.

The team members of Gaia are experienced in these processes. Our support takes place in the form of :

  • Support and empowerment for women
  • Events and workshops for young people
  • Workshops with content and tools for inclusion, potential development and transformation


Our Sponsors


Partner Organizations


Network: GAIA is an active member of the Migration and Development Council


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